Digital Marketing in 2014: How to harness your Customer Data

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Data-driven digital marketing is a critical discipline for senior marketers in their efforts to engage today’s demanding omnichannel consumers. But with such a wide array of channels and choices, what are the specific areas of digital marketing that marketers are focused on, how successful are they and what are they looking to improve in the future?

In this webinar Ruth Gordon, Director of Digital Marketing at Teradata, will explore the results of the 2014 Digital Marketing Insight survey into how marketing managers are using customer data, analytics and personalisation to achieve their goals, plus the benefits and difficulties they are experiencing along the way. Gareth Powell, Head of Web Analytics at leading internet and catalogue retailer JD Williams, will then give examples of how their brands, including SimplyBe, Jacamo and High and Mighty, are harnessing customer data and analytics to drive business value and enhance the customer experience.

Register for this webinar to learn:

  • How marketers are approaching customer analytics and personalisation in 2014
  • The customer Big Data collected and the progress towards a single customer view
  • Real life examples of customer data and analytics success from JD Williams